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      Dieses Update ist eher mehr als ein Hotfix für den vergangenen Patch anzusehen.

      Bug fixes
      • Bug fix where penis would get bigger with each login. (hehe unendlich langer Benis)
      • Fixed bug on Hunter 85 where player would lift his torso while chambering new rounds.
      • Fixed ear position on a prisoner head.
      • Fixed a bug where some deluxe features where not available on first join. (Black shirt)
      • Fixed bug where melee weapon stops working until unequipped
      • Fixed bug with corpse appearance in singleplayer. If you died with a slim or fat body the corpse would be a muscle body.
      • Fixed a bug where autodestruct timer for some items did not trigger and the items would stay on the island indefinitely, and could potentially cause lag and slow down frame rate.
      • Fixed banjo/guitar equip/unequip animations
      • Improvised bow and recurve bow animation fixes
      • Fixed a bug where all ballistic vests had the same caption and description
      • Fixed a bug where sodium levels were replicated with lower precision than intended causing inaccurate numbers in the GUI
      • Fixed a bug where arms mesh would sometimes disappear when unequipping clothes
      • Interaction component won't mark objects in stencil buffer any more (Crates in naval base do not flash blue anymore)
      • Fixed a bug where urinating would lock hands and penis if interrupted
      • Fixed a bug where it was possible to increase penis size without it affecting other attributes
      • Possible fix for inventory side slots sometimes getting in a corrupted state (minimized, not showing what's equipped)
      Quality of life changes
      • Arrows can be stacked up to 12 now. (was 5 before)
      • Added one higher and one lower octave sounds for all musical instruments (Press Shift for higher octave, Ctrl for lower octave)
      • Created and added Arrow trail particle
      • Decreased candle heat radius
      • Increased render distance for team mate name text to 200m
      • Added near DoF when aiming down the sights
      • Increased the factor at which sodium is lost through urinating. Also this depends on the amount of fluid you lose while urinating.
      • Implemented automatically joining of ammo when added to inventory
      • Adjusted fire animation speed for M9 and Deagle for a smoother and better firing experience.
      • Puppet body gives bones now when chopped
      • Added correct weight to all arrows and adjusted stack to be destroyed if exhausted
      • Added new faster reload animations for Kar98 in events
      • Made event loadout equipment icons more visible
      • Added participation prize awarded to prisoners that stayed in the game event till its completion (10 FP)
      • Crafting will now take holstered items into account
      Admin commands
      • Implemented SetWeather admin command. The range is from 0 to 1. 0 is clear and sunny weather, 1 is full storm weather.
      • Implemented VisualizeBulletTrajectories true/false command. If you enable it you will be able to see trajectories of bullets when shoot.
      • Implemented better drone accessibility. Now you do not need to delete your character on the server to be able to play as a drone. When you are in the main menu press Ctrl + D and you will enter into the drone mode, and next time you enter a server you will play like a drone. Also the admin drone is golden so you can differentiate between NPC drones and admin drones.
      Nvidia GeForce Optimization
      • Nvidia added SCUM into GeForce experience for optimization, so you can check out that as well!