Update 1.188 - Airtightness, In-game Help, Relative Dampening

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      Update 1.188 - Airtightness, In-game Help, Relative Dampening

      Main Features
      • Airtightness performance improvements and changes
      • New in-game help - contextual help and tutorial objectives
      • Asteroid clusters, added 51 new predefined asteroid shapes
      • New Relative inertia dampeners (thanks to Rexxar)
      • Render performance improvements - Occlusion Culling and optimizations
      • Good.bot chatbot
      • New Steam Workshop integration - faster and supports very large mods (>2 GB)
      • New Blueprint screen
      • New Script screen
      • Better rendering of grass
      • New Game screen changes
      Features available without the experimental mode now
      • Hosted Multiplayer game
      • Advanced options for the world
      • Worlds from the Steam Workshop
      • Cargo ships
      • Random encounters
      • Airtightness
      • Realistic sound
      • FOV setting
      • New Features or changes
      • Added autoselect of created blueprint in the blueprint screen
      • Blueprint screen remembers filtering and sorting options
      • Added screenshots to cloud blueprints
      • Added functionality to always show Hidden blocks through which you are accessing the terminal
      • Changes in the control menu - added key bind and more options
      • All custom worlds have airtightness turned on by default now
      • Added in-game help
      • Changed downloading of mods to use Steam UGC API
      • Added information dialog when player can not use jump drive
      • Added programmable block feature to Mod API - same construct methods (by Malware)
      • Changed default setting for procedural density in the custom worlds to Normal (0.35 value)
      • Removed Flora density option. It was not used anymore.
      • Removed Start in respawn screen option. It was not used anymore.
      • Changed Good.bot, Rebel and Markus chat sound
      • Changed publishing of mods to use Steam UGC API
      • Added Teleport to safe zone feature for admins
      • Added warning when there is issue with 3rd party modification
      Gameplay Fixes
      • Fixed visual glitches (holes) in newly spawned procedural asteroids
      • Fixed visor status changes done inside medical room not being synchronized through server
      • Fixed sound of leaking oxygen in campaign being too quiet
      • Fixed predefined asteroids not streaming back after un-streaming
      • Fixed players with experimental mode being able to set unsafe values on safe servers
      • Fixed oxygen issue in the Mission 1 where you could run out of oxygen due to not enough ice
      • Fixed o2/h2 generator using power after running out of ice
      • Fixed loss of character control after merging grids that were remotely controlled
      • Fixed incorrect airtightness of open sliding doors
      • Fixed hand tools continuing to produce sounds and animations after energy has been depleted
      • Fixed gyroscopes actively trying to spin grids even after the input for doing so has been stopped
      • Fixed grids not updating airtight rooms after being merged
      • Fixed floating objects not producing sounds when falling onto surfaces
      • Fixed door wings misbehaving after merging two grids together
      • Fixed deleted procedural asteroids reappearing after save and reload
      • Fixed damaged connector changing indication to red instead of black for other player in the same session
      • Fixed damaged connector changing indication to red instead of black after save and reload
      • Fixed character walking on rotating surfaces
      • Fixed blueprint preview incorrectly showing up in Survival after double-click in a blueprint screen
      • Fixed aborted space jumps not being propagated to the server and subsequently other players
      UI Fixes
      • Fixed some UI elements not being affected by UI opacity and UI background opacity settings
      • Fixed rotor detailed info about rotor lock appearing only for a fraction of a second
      • Fixed replacing blueprints from clipboard not working for blueprints in nested folders
      • Fixed HUD state (UI visibility status changed with Tab) not being saved between sessions
      • Fixed dead wolves and spiders showing icons as if they were disconnected players
      • Fixed caret moving too fast when editing text with arrows
      Visual Fixes
      • Fixed holes in distant shadows
      Performance Fixes
      • Fixed voxel rendering performance on planets
      Fixes from the Support site
      • Fixed crash when replacing large script with a small one
      • Fixed rotor not showing correct angle info in terminal
      • Fixed missing send/submit buttons for blueprints and other workshop items
      • Fixed Friends only game lobbies under Games between public ones
      • Fixed background videos in Main menu not respecting aspect ratio on wide screen resolutions
      • Fixed wolf and spider AI (path finding)
      • Fixed thrusters trying to dampen after connecting to a static grid
      • Fixed thruster flame disappearing after thruster is recolored
      • Fixed small air vent getting incorrect readings of planetary oxygen levels
      • Fixed pressurization effects appearing during projection welding
      • Fixed LCD content being cut off when playing on lower resolutions
      • Fixed conveyor sorter not wanting to pull full bottles
      Mod API Changes
      • Added IMyDoor.OnDoorStateChanged
      • Added IMyTerminalBlock.IsInSameLogicalGroupAs
      • Added IMyTerminalBlock.IsSameConstructAs
      • Added IMyInventory.CanAddItemAmount
      • Added IMyInventory.RemoveItemAmount
      • Added IMyInventory.TransferItemFrom
      • Added IMySlimBlock.Min
      • Added IMyCharacter.OxygenLevel
      • Added IMyConfig.HudState
      • Added IMyPhysics.CastRayParallel
      • Please, use CastRayParallel method if you are casting ray from another thread.

      SBC Files
      • Characters.sbcAdded OxygenSuitRefillTime
      • Added MinOxygenLevelForSuitRefill
      • CubeBlocks.sbcChange for IsAirTightTrue = is always airtight
      • False = is never airtight
      • Null = airtightness is calculated from mount points
      • VoxelMapStorages.sbcAdded UseForProceduralRemovals
      • Added UseForProceduralAdditions
      • Added UseAsPrimaryProceduralAdditionShape
      • Added SpawnProbability
      • VoxelMaterials_asteroids.sbcAdded AsteroidGeneratorSpawnProbabilityMultiplier


      Hotfix 1.188.023
      • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Weapons.MyGunBase.AddMissile
      • Fixed crash at System.Collections.Generic.HashSetExtensions.TryGetValue
      • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.GameSystems.MyGridGasSystem.GetOxygenAmount
      • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiBlueprintScreen_Reworked.ExtractWorkshopItem
      • Fixed crashing ice clusters when there is no suitable ice material
      • Fixed issue with subscribed ingame scripts not appearing in scripts screen
      • Fixed issue with hidden blocks in terminal not respecting the state of Show hidden filter
      • Fixed missing Space Ball description in G screen


      Hotfix 1.188.024

      • Fixed crash at
      • Sandbox.Game.Entities.Cube.MyAssembler.CheckInventoryCapacity(MyInventory
      • inventory, Item[] items, MyFixedPoint amountMultiplier)
      • Fixed crash that occurred due to daylight savings time change
      • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiBlueprintScreen_Reworked.ExtractWorkshopItem
      • Fixed crash when setting minimum drop container time bigger than maximum on DS
      • Fixed server watcher interrupting save on exit when it is taking too long (>30s)
      • Fixed grid update performance when Airtightness is turned on