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      Hello prisoners, we are happy to announce that with your support SCUM
      has surpassed 1 million copies sold. As a thank you, everyone will get a
      golden DEagle .50!

      Players can get your gun through your prison
      wallet, the first time nature calls. The DEagle 50 will be available for
      all users until September 25.

      Supporter Pack owners will also get a Nice Watch - that's the name of
      the watch in-game, we are comedy geniuses. Right now, it merely checks
      the time of day, but in future updates, it will have some more useful

      And here are the patch notes for this patch as well, bit shorter this time!

      Patch Notes [Sept 18, 2018]
      Various client/server performance tweaks

      Added Atlas LODs for Factory Hangar 01 (cleanup old LOD fbx files)

      Projectile initial lifespan reduced to 6 seconds

      Increased server tick rate

      Added Atlas and bake LODs for Silo Factory and Hangar to Chimney bridge (edited materials, added textures)

      Added new Atlases and recreated all new LODs for Jail Entrance Building Bridge01/02/03

      Refinery elements - Added Extra Lods (Distant City optimization)

      Added Atlas LODs for Jail Workshop

      Added silver version of DEagle .50 and .357 that can be found through the world.

      Fixed a bug where it was possible to add an item to a container inside a container (e.g. backpack inside a backpack), should fix an item duplicating exploit

      Added admin command #SetTime to control server time

      Disabled pace adjustment with the scroll wheel in inventory

      Added DEagle to event loadout (You can use the silver ones in events

      Actions which need a selected item should by default take the item in hands into account (You do not need to select the item in your hands anymore to perform various actions: Fire starting, can opening, etc... but the corresponding item for the action still needs to be in hands)

      Disabled prisoner visibility hiding in first person view, if not camouflaged. (Players won't pop invisible/visible randomly in first person anymore)

      Tweaked footsteps attenuations. (Lowered the radius of footstep sounds)

      Added distinct sound to granades when they impact with the ground

      Landscape C_4, D_4 grass.flushcache (Fixed a bug where on D4 was no foliage)

      Prison - Added Extra loot packages (Cover)

      Fixed collision on barracks where you were stuck in it.
      [/list]Hotfix patch
      • Fixed the bug where DEagle magazine was not spawning.
      • DEagle animations and montages update
      • DEagle animations and montages fine tuning
      • Fixed a bug where items would disappear after relogging in Single Player. (More on Multiplayer down bellow)
      • Removed Santa Claus clothes from spawning. (Sorry guys need to wait about 95 days for this one!)
      • Disabled blue flash on item creation
      • Fixed loaded vicinity items not being auto destroyed (Only SP fix, as only SP was affected, some items were not destroyed as they should be, now theywill be destroyed).
      • Fixed Island Wall Gaps (No more freedom)
      • Changed weight on bullet vest from 2 to 15kg
      Regarding boxes and shelters disappearing in Multiplayer, through internal testing we could not reproduce the bug, although we will continue to try to reproduce it further. Please keep in mind that its possible that some chests and shelters were destroyed by other players.